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June 15 was Father’s Day. World over, Father’s Day is celebrated by honoring dads and letting them know how important they are in our lives. India too is fast catching up to this celebration, in its own way. Today I will talk about that incredibly confusing and yet exhilarating time when a man is about to become a dad – his relationship with his wife or partner, and the avalanche of thoughts, questions, and feelings that go through his mind.

For some of you who are expecting your first child, this period can be one of great anticipation, as well as some nervousness. Well, you are not alone. Most dads-to-be feel this way at some time during the pregnancy months. And although it may be easy for moms to voice their feelings, dads may sometimes be unable to express them. You may be feeling a little left out, as mom is the one who is carrying the baby, and experiencing all the wonderful kicks and movements. However, she is also the one going through periods of backache, nausea, heartburn and fatigue. You may feel that you need to be at her beck and call to try and provide comfort when she has these concerns. But, you can also be an equal participant in this journey leading to the birth of your child. Stop for a moment, and feel mom’s belly, and experience those kicks for yourself. Help mom cook a meal – who knows, there may be a hidden master chef in you!

Some of you may be waiting in anticipation of mom going into labor any day now. You may wonder what your role in labor will be. You have undoubtedly heard of experiences of pain that the laboring woman goes through, and may wonder whether your wife will be able to cope with it. While T.V programs and movies show the wife cursing and screaming at her husband at times during labor, this is seldom the case in reality. Most women, especially if they know what to expect, go through labor with great poise! You will be surprised by their ability to bear the pain. AND, YOU will be the most important person to help mom-to-be deal with her pain. Your wife will depend on you for all the moral, emotional and physical support that she can get. You should be on hand to wipe the sweat off her face with a cold cloth, massage her back, help her through her breathing exercises, change positions and give her water, or simply to even just be beside her. Gently affirm her courage to go through this pain, and that she is almost there. You will be her pillar of strength, and she needs you more than she can ever tell you. We at Healthy MotherTM, during our sessions, discuss many of the things, that you as fathers can do during labor and be a complete partner in the birth of your baby.

Being there when your baby is born is an unforgettable experience that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. You will start bonding with your wife and baby in ways that you would have never imagined, and will start your wonderful journey into fatherhood. Hope you all had a wonderful Father’s Day …

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Dr. Vijaya Krishnan