Healthy Mother and Johnson & Johnson (India) Monthly Workshop Series

Posted on: July 3, 2009

In the past month we kicked off a monthly meeting / workshop titled “Transition to New Motherhood and Infant Care“. The workshop series is a collaboration between Healthy Mother and the global healthcare company Johnson & Johnson (India). The idea behind the workshop series is that many new mothers (dads), especially from nuclear families find it difficult to make a smooth transition from being just a couple to new parenthood. They have lots of questions on bathing their child, massage, sleep patterns, breastfeeding etc, and are hardpressed to find credible answers which are evidence-based.

The June workshop saw a team of pediatrician, gynaecologist, and yours truly talk about myths and good practices in infant care, how to care for yourself when you become a new mother, and had a interactive session on infant massage.

The workshop was a big hit among the parents and we feel encouraged that we are able to help many new parents in this crucial time of adjustment and transition. Watch out for the announcement for the July workshop.

Here is the link to some pictures from the event.

Dr. Vijaya


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