Another natural birth in Hyderabad

Posted on: January 21, 2009

December, 18th 2008: Just around the time that our mom in Bangalore was starting to be induced, one more of our mothers went into labor here in Hyderabad. Mom and dad had attended our Healthy Mother antenatal sessions to re-prepare themselves for this birth: they already have a 7 year old boy. Since her first delivery was normal, she wanted to ensure that she was able to birth naturally again. Mom was also concerned about starting her pregnancy being slightly overweight, and she wanted to ensure that she did not gain too much weight during the pregnancy. We worked on her nutrition needs, and she diligently followed her exercise programs and walking on a daily basis. She remained very active till the time her labor started.

All through labor, mom remained out of bed, and as active as possible, moving and changing positions, drinking plenty of fluids and practicing her pelvic tilts in various positions. Pains were very manageable with breathing until about 7 pm, and by 10 pm her bag of waters broke. She started to progress into active labor immediately after, and preferred to lie down on her side for a little while. Again, dad was a good source of support and encouragement in managing this intense phase. At one point, she was not very comfortable with trying any other position, so I suggested that we try labor with the head of the bed up in a semi-sitting position. This seemed to help her quite a bit, and she labored through her transition in this position. Finally, at around 4:30 am the next morning, mom felt the urge to push. After pushing in C-position for around 30 minutes, a healthy baby girl weighing 3.5 kgs was born at 5 am on December 19th.

Lessons learnt: Mom and dad were very involved in the whole process of making this pregnancy and childbirth as healthy as possible. Even though they had a previous birth experience, they did not leave anything to chance for this delivery as well, and prepared themselves well for it. Congrats to mom, dad and big brother!


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