A Healthy Mother natural birth in Bangalore

Posted on: January 4, 2009

Dec 18th, 2008:: This particular mom had attended my Prenatal Lamaze program in Hyderabad, but went to Bangalore for her delivery – Bangalore being where her mother lives. At the start of the antenatal program, she expressed to me that she was so afraid of labor pains, that she had instructed her sister (who is a doctor) to help her go ahead with an elective C-Section. By the end of the program, this same mom had become a staunch believer in the power of natural birth, but most importantly, in her own ability to handle pains and birth naturally. We worked on a customized birth plan to suit her particular needs, and when she went to Bangalore, she met with her OB and hospital staff several times, to ensure that everybody in the team respected and appreciated her desire to give birth as naturally as possible.

We kept in touch over the next several weeks, and as the due date neared, there was still no sign of labor. Dec 15th was her due date, and it came and went without any signs of labor. However, at the previous OB visit, she was found to be 4 cms dilated, so as per her plan, it was decided that everyone would wait and monitor over the next week for labor to begin on its own. Mom followed her exercise program eagerly, as well as tried some of the pressure points that she had learnt in our classes, to try and help labor to begin. Meanwhile, her husband had to go out of the country on a business trip on the 19th, so mom decided to go in for an induction on Jan 18th, so dad could be present for their baby’s birth. She was induced with oral prostaglandins at about 10 am in the morning, with a repeat dose being given at around 3 pm. Labor started soon afterwards, and by 7 pm, she was in intensely active labor. At some point during this phase, she asked for an epidural, but her husband, sister, OB and her support staff, all reminded of her birth plan, and amply supported her during this phase. Finally, she went onto the pushing phase at around 9 pm, and pushed with her urge and lots of support for around one and one-half hours. Even though her OB knew from her previous visit and scan that the baby’s birth weight would be high, all involved were committed to the cause of natural childbirth, and finally at 10:45 pm, mom gave birth to a healthy 4.2 kgs baby girl without any episiotomy. There were perineal tears that mom sustained during pushing, but in the end mom was able to give birth the way she wanted. Way to go mom!

Lessons learnt: This mother was in charge of her birthing experience, and that is always good. Her OB and labor support were very good and encouraged her every step of the way. Yes, the labor was induced – and yes, it would have been ideal to wait for labor to start on its own; however, given her personal circumstances and the fact that she was already past her due date made her decide to go in for induction. However, her induction probably had better chances of working, since she was already effaced and dilated to 4 cm. If this had not been the case, then the induction might have failed, and potential for a C-Section could have arisen if labor failed to progress adequately. In the end, mom’s knowledge of what to expect, her due diligence in choosing a good OB and hospital, and her preparation for labor through the antenatal sessions, as well as excellent labor support helped her to make her daughter’s birth experience exceptional for her.


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