1K Walk for Motherhood – Hope amidst terror attacks in Mumbai

Posted on: December 2, 2008

On November 26 as we were getting ready to go to bed, I switched on the TV to catch a summary of the day’s news. And that was the begining of 3 days of horror that unfolded before our eyes. We saw how a group of terrorists indiscrimately fired upon innocent, ordinary people trying to board their trains at the station, killed corporate heads discussing business, Indian and foreign tourists, policemen, journalists, and tens of hotel staff at the Taj and Trident who put themselves in the line of fire, saving hundreds of lives.

Before being killed by India’s elite commandos at the end of a 59 hour gun battle, the terrorists killed nearly 200 people and wounded nearly 400. Many more, including children, will be fighting the psychological scars of this ordeal for some time to come.

The Hyderabad 10K Run, scheduled for November 30th however went on, albeit taking on a new meaning. All of us prayed for our fellow citizens of Mumbai and hoped they will find the strength to bear their loss and to recover from this tragedy in some way. The 10K Run was held as a symbol of our resolve that we will not be cowed down by such evil deeds and will stand up and oppose the perpetrators in our own ways.

Our own Healthy Mother “1K Walk for Motherhood” was a silver lining for all of us amidst the tragedy in Mumbai. Our would-be mothers and dads participated in the walk with great enthusiasm and eagerness. They braved the inclement weather and turned up early in the morning at 5am to take part in the event. The walk was a great success, and served to spread the message of natural childbirth, and the importance of an active and healthy lifestyle during pregnancy. Prizes were awarded to the top three mothers, but really, ALL were winners on that day. I will be posting pictures of the walk on our website www.healthy-mother.com, but here is one which was taken at the start line.

A young supporter at the Healthy Mother 1K Walk for Motherhood

A young supporter at the Healthy Mother 1K Walk for Motherhood

So congratulations to all our mothers and dads who participated in the walk.


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