Healthy Mother supports Hyderabad 10K Run with a “1K Walk for Motherhood” event

Posted on: November 27, 2008

Things have been really busy the past couple of weeks… We have been busy preparing for the upcoming Hyderabad 10K Run event scheduled for November 30th. At Healthy Mother, we support such initiatives that promote health and fitness as a way of life.

We are putting up an information booth near the main stage of the Hyderabad 10K event, where we will be distributing information packets about do’s and don’ts during pregnancy, childbirth and new motherhood. We will also be organizing a fun-filled “1K Walk for Motherhood” event in which current and past participants in our Healthy Mother programs will be taking part. We are working on getting the first three winners fecilitated on the stage by one of the prominent personalities. So this is a chance for all you expectant mothers to be in the limelight 🙂 So get into your sneakers and make it to People’s Plaza on Necklace Road, if you are upto it.

Here is the press release that we have put out announcing our Walk. Here is the link to the Hyderabad 10K walk. Please let us know positively by end of Friday if you are taking part so that we can organize the logistics. Look for our stall “Healthy Mother Wellness & Care” near the main stage.


Dr. Vijaya

Phone: 97043 68666 or 94907 95950

email: vsakotai at yahoo dot com


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