On Breastfeeding and more…..

Posted on: November 5, 2008

Just yesterday, I got this email form one of my recent class participants. This mom-to-be has just finished her sessions, and in the meantime, visited her friend who has recently given birth in one of Hyderabad’s “super-specialty” hospitals. I am quoting her verbatim (with her permission) below:

Dear Dr,

One of my friends recently delivered at xxxxxx Hospital which I wanted to let you know so that you can share this with women who might be considering this hospital for their delivery. (My Note: For those of you who wish to know which hospital it is, please write to me and I will let you know).

My friend’s water broke at 3:30am on Friday morning and she rushed to the hospital since the baby’s head had not engaged and was in transverse position. She was informed that she would have a c-section delivery. Since the doc had a planned c-section her FHS was monitored and she was finally operated at 12:30pm at which time there was not a drop of amniotic fluid left.

She is then blind folded and given an epidural. The baby is delivered and she is informed that it’s a boy while she doesn’t get a chance to see him. She can only hear the doctors and nurses speak and hear her baby cry. She is then shifted to an ICU where she is kept for 1 day for monitoring. Baby and mom have not been in contact for 1 whole day.

On day 2 she is shifted back and is given pain medications and is asked not to feed the baby since she is taking medications. Baby is brought from the nursery and shown to the mother on day 2. Mom is finally allowed to feed her baby from day 3 after the IV and pain medicines are stopped. Obviously she has issues on day 3 feeding her baby since for 2 days he was on bottle feed. I visited her on day 3 and did teach her some techniques that I learnt in class – about the latch, and the football hold which did help her to some extent.

I remember you mentioning to us during the c-section class about blind folding and both Divya and me were shocked. To see that this is being practiced in a “good” super specialty hospital is unbelievable!!  I hope no mom has to go thro’ this – not being able to see your baby for 1 day and not being able to feed your baby.

Reading this mail, I was shocked too. Even though I have seen such questionable procedures practiced during C-Section surgery and during immediate post-surgical recovery, hearing that mom and baby were kept apart for one whole day, made me quite upset. The fact that the baby was not allowed to nurse until the 3rd day was a shocker. It is no wonder that breastfeeding becomes a big concern, and that many first-time mothers are unable to breastfeed well and eventually give up nursing their babies, especially after a C-Section.

So what are the factors that promote effective breastfeeding in the first hours after birth?

I will be writing about this and many more aspects of successful breastfeeding, over the next couple of posts. In the meantime, if you have any questions, concerns or experiences to share, please do write in.

Dr. Vijaya


3 Responses to "On Breastfeeding and more….."

I’m shocked at what happened in that hospital. A lot of it I’ve heard before (not that that makes it any better), but I’ve never heard of the blindfolding. What on earth would the purpose of that be???

IMO, the most important factors to promote effective breastfeeding in the first hours after birth are:
– immediate skin to skin contact
– immediately putting baby to breast
– no artificial nipples and nothing other than breastmilk given to the baby
– knowledgeable support regarding how to hold baby

Here are some great resources on getting started with breastfeeding: http://www.kellymom.com/bf/start/index.html

Reading this type of info is really key BEFORE having the baby. Prepare prepare prepare….like a good girl scout!

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Dear Doctor,

I am staying in Annanagar West. Can you tell me if you have any of your branches is chennai close to my place of stay or recommend any other place where i can undergo the lamaze classes..

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