A successful birth story

Posted on: August 5, 2008

Two weeks ago, we welcomed one more baby into our Healthy Mother family. This story is a bit unique since mom had to go through quite a few trials and tribulations during the course of her pregnancy, but ultimately overcame all of it, and was able to have the natural childbirth that she had always wanted!

I came to know mom and dad over a course of several months, as they had come to attend the Healthy Mother Labor and Childbirth Workshop when mom was in her 5th month. A bit early, but since mom was intending to go to Chennai for her delivery, we thought it would be better if she could attend the program then. From having severe swelling in her feet (and sometimes on her hands), to having dizziness during her 5th and 6th months, we tackled quite a few of her pregnancy related concerns. In addition, she was diagnosed with placenta previa (low-lying placenta, covering the opening of the cervix) around the time that she finished her sessions with me. So, she had to prepone her trip to Chennai, so that she could be on complete bed-rest at her parents’ home.

Through all this, mom kept up a very positive attitude. She had been practicing yoga before she started on our program, and she took to our exercise programs and breathing/relaxation techniques wonderfully. When she was put on bed-rest, we kept in touch over the phone regarding how best she should deal with her concerns. Over the next several weeks the placenta gradually pulled itself up (as often happens), and mom was able to re-start her birth fitness exercises. She would practice them diligently, and wrote to me in her 37th week: “I am practicing all my exercises/ breathing everyday. I am also doing meditation daily to keep myself calm and am prepared for labor to start”! I was amazed with her inner wisdom and attitude as she prepared herself for the birth of her baby.

Three days before her due date, her bag of waters broke. It was around 7:30 p.m. when she called me, and asked if it was okay for her to practice her labor positions at home. Since the bag of waters had broken, I advised her to proceed to the hospital so that she could be evaluated, and medical care would be available if required. From that time on, she kept me abreast of developments. From time to time, I was able to reinforce the breathing/relaxation exercises and positions that she had learnt during her sessions.

By 6 a.m. the next morning, her labor pains had still not started. At this point, her obstetrician determined that it would be appropriate to induce her with Pitocin. She called me around 9 a.m. and told me that she was experiencing mild contractions, manageable through breathing, was 4 cm dilated, and was feeling pressure. I advised to keep changing her positions (mainly in bed since her hospital staff did not want her to walk), and to empty her bladder frequently. However, soon after this conversation, her Pitocin-induced contractions kicked in. She told me later, that in an hour’s time she went from 4 cm dilation to 9 cm dilation. Apparently, even her nurses had not anticipated how quickly she would progress, and at one point had to ask her to wait so that they could get in the obstetrician before she could push! All through this, mom managed her intense transition contractions with her breathing alone. She was able to manage her pain, and told me that she actually counted 15 transition contractions! Pretty incredible, if you consider the pain that she was going through. And, 15 minutes and a few pushes later, at 11:45 a.m., she had a healthy baby boy, weighing 3.56 kgs. CONGRATULATIONS MOM, DAD & FAMILY! Mom was able to nurse within half an hour of baby’s birth. As I write this, mother and baby are doing great.

This week, we also welcome two more babies to our Healthy Mother family. Both couples had attended the Healthy Mother Early Pregnancy workshop few months ago. First, a baby girl born on 23rd July and then, a baby boy born on 28th July. Moms, babies and dads are all doing well. Congratulations to all!

I anticipate a busy next couple of weeks, as quite a few of my moms and dads have their due dates coming up! Each one of you, do keep up practicing your birth fitness exercises and breathing …. And do call, write or e-mail me with any questions/concerns.


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This incident is about us.We are immensely thankful to Dr Vijayakrishna for making this experience a pleasure.We found out about her in one of the advertisements which has appeared in a news paper and to be honest I was only half convinced about this,but for Raji I went to meet Dr Vijaya.From the first meeting I was convinced that we have come to the right place.She was willing to answer all the queries Raji had and went beyond the scheculed time for us.
Since my wife had to go to chennai we had only 6 sessions with her.even when we were in chennai instead of we enquiring she used to call my wife and address her queries.
She has made the delivery of our first child as a cherished moment for us and she continues to be in touch with my wife to advise her on the post birth activities.
Thanks a lot Dr.I would recommend all the would be father’s to take their wives to the session.



Thank you, Sathish. It is the appreciation of participants of our program that motivates us to keep going and to do better each day.

We are passionate about what we do, and find great fulfillment in enabling a healthy pregnancy and positive birth experience to each and every one of our mothers (and dads).


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