The past week’s happenings

Posted on: July 5, 2008

A lot has happened this past week and I thought it would be good to put down some of the happenings for future reference, both for myself and for my moms and dads.

Firstly, two new babies joined our growing Healthy Mother family. The first baby, was a healthy baby boy, weighing 3.5 kilograms. Mom had a normal delivery. Mom went into labor around midnight, and labored at home until about 8 a.m. next morning. She reported that her contractions were about 15 minutes apart and were very manageable with breathing, relaxation and active movements/upright labor positions. She went into the hospital when her contractions were about 6-7 minutes apart (we had discussed this in our sessions as a part of her birth plan, since she lives very close to her delivery hospital). After active labor of about four and half hours, she was fully dilated, and had her baby within the next half an hour (transition and pushing together lasted for half an hour).

She did not need any pain medications, and was able to manage the active as well as transition stage with focused breathing and good labor support. The only medical intervention that she needed was 1 bottle of glucose/saline drip for hydration, since she was vomiting during her late active stage. She was able to nurse her baby within one hour of her baby’s birth, and continues to nurse her baby exclusively. Way to go, mom!

This birth, highlights to me all that is crucial for a normal birthing experience. Mom was religious in practicing her birth fitness exercises from 7th month onwards. She used all the labor positions and breathing techniques to get her through her labor pains. She had the knowledge, confidence and labor support (from her family) to let her body do its work of birthing. And finally, both she and her obstetrician had patience and confidence in mom’s ability to give birth naturally. It worked, because it was allowed to work!!

Our second baby girl, weighed a healthy 3.4 kilograms, and was delivered by C-Section, due to multiple high risk circumstances. When mom checked in to her hospital, she was having labor pains, and was 1 cm dilated. However, she was found to have high blood pressure. Further, even after Pitocin administration, her labor failed to progress efficiently, and a subsequent decrease in fetal heart rate was noticed. At this point, it was decided to go in for a Caesarean Section, in order to avoid further complications and risk to baby and mom. When the baby was delivered, she was also found to have the umbilical cord around her neck.

What do we take away from this? Medical procedures can sometimes be life-saving for baby and mom. Surely a normal delivery would have been preferable, but in this circumstance, the risks outweighed the choice of a normal delivery. With outcome priority being a healthy baby and healthy mom, delivery by C-Section was the only option. At parents’ request, I did do two post-partum visits with them, mainly to establish a good nursing relationship between baby and mom, as well as for post-partum/ neonatal care. Baby and mom are both doing fine as I write this piece. Congrats to new mom, dad and family!!

In addition to these wonderful babies, I had a host of concerns and queries from my moms-to-be. Some of them were easily addressed; others seemed to require a lot of intervention, rest and consultations in order to deal with their concerns. One such concern came form a mom who was diagnosed with a cervical shortening at 34 weeks. This can become a risky situation, and can cause preterm labor. I will address this condition in detail in my next post.

Until then … take good care of yourselves. As always, write your queries, comments, thoughts or questions that you may have.

Dr. Vijaya Krishnan


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